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I’m Candice Melrose, aka indigocandice, a Chakra Practitioner in London, Ontario, Canada. Chakra session and crystal healing are deeply transformative and help you to realign externally and internally. With over 3 years of experience in Spiritual Guidance and Knowledge I am able to see, feel and describe your energy. If you have the desire to understand yourself on a deeper level, and discover the energies that surround you and affect your life, you can find everything you'll need here at indigocandice.


The ultimate experience of alignment, rejuvenation, and energy flow is awaiting you!

My session with you includes both Chakra Alignment and Crystal Healing.

Chakra Sessions

Together we will align your chakras and infuse them with positive energy. Through different modalities and my intuition, we will have the opportunity to unblock your seven chakras.

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Crystal Healing

Using the power of crystals, I can cleanse the negative aura and energies that bring you down. You'll leave the session feeling rejuvenated and energized.

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Zoom Chakra

Online chakra session via Zoom video conferencing. Intimate, one-on-one, anywhere in the world.
(internet connection required)

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Zoom calls available!
Single $80 1 Hour
$120 1.5 Hours
$150 2 Hours
2 - 4 people
per person
$120 2 Hours
Crystal Bracelets — $35 to $55
Malas — $75 to $130

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